Who we are

At CCTV Planner we believe the bid process for security video surveillance cameras is broken and that performance based work statements are the future of client/vendor relationships. We have a developed a unique process for ensuring that the security solution you seek is solvable before any security equipment is installed, and we believe the use of this process eliminates the need for bids by creating an open, transparent comparison between vendors.

Video Surveillance Solutions

CCTV Planner, an Andrew Group company, provides businesses and communities with high resolution, digital camera security systems. We are dedicated to educating our clients and we work hard to provide the best possible video surveillance solutions. We provide video surveillance and security camera system consulting, design, installation, integration, and maintenance for businesses of all sizes, communities and police departments in and around Indiana.

A Company You Can Trust

We have been in business for over 20 years and continually work to provide forward thinking, innovative work based on that experience and constantly take advantage of the latest changes in our market. Our long-standing experience and constant research allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technological innovations and to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

IT Integration Experts

Our vast experience in managing the integration of CCTV systems and IT network infrastructure lets us design CCTV systems that integrates with your existing IT architecture, and also solves problems you experience with your existing CCTV system. We listen to your needs, examine your systems, then construct a CCTV system customized specifically for you.

Our Mission Statement

The real value of any technology and infrastructure is the functionality it adds, the functions it improves, and the cohesiveness with which it integrates into existing systems and expectations. Our goal is to transform a list of products into a system that functions in full alignment with customer needs and expectations and is truly greater than the sum of its parts.