Is your video surveillance system giving your organization the protection it needs?

Without a surveillance system that can capture the scenes you need to monitor at the detail level that produces investigative information you can use, your surveillance investment doesn’t produce useful results. Our technologies enable us to build your system to capture exactly the level of detail you need throughout your facility, and to do so with cameras that yield clear, sharp detail under a full range of conditions.

Don’t waste your surveillance investment on low-quality technology in an attempt to save money without yielding actionable results. We provide video control centers and a variety of video cameras and wireless solutions for your needs. We can leverage today’s camera and storage technologies to help you protect your workplace, your property, and your workforce. View our industry-specific solutions for municipalities, education, and businesses.

Our experience centers around customized installations that must integrate into existing network technology. We have the full expertise not only to specify the right technology but to verify proper system installation and provide customized user education after installation. We craft support and user-education programs that meet employees where they are – and take them where they need to go – in order to make the most of new technology. Our systems are designed to meet your needs in a manner that takes into consideration the user needs for which targeted training must be provided.

Is your surveillance investment producing useful results?

Stop spending money on low-quality technology that yields you nothing. We will work with your organization to identify your needs and work within your current technology to product investigative surveillance you can use. Call us at 317-755-0200 or email us to discuss your needs and expectations.

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Your video management system starts with a central command and recording setup. This technology base includes the video server, network connectivity, backup power supply, mounting hardware, and video control software. These fundamentals must support your initial roster of field cameras and be able to accommodate future system expansion.

Video Control Center Software

We use Avigilon Control Center software, which allows you to zoom and inspect one area of the video feed without losing the larger feed. In other words, the camera can still record the full view regardless of your zoom or ‘work screens’/view screens. Each view screen can also have varying levels of detail because, when used with certain cameras, the camera can increase the level of detail for certain sections of view in real-time. This system can be setup to be viewed locally or on a remote mobile device.

The Best Evidence

Video streams can be viewed real-time or the view can be switched to reviewing past recorded data. All video is actually made up of multiple, still images that can be exported as JPEGs because our systems use JPEG 2000 technology. If you’ve ever seen a 35mm movie reel, you can see each image of the movie as one frame. This is exactly how our technology records images. So instead of one master frame per second with 29 ‘change’ frames, you can get multiple full frame images per second. That is powerful evidence when you need it.

Advanced Control Center Features

Our systems also have features like bookmarking and security check sums. The bookmarking feature allows you to save specific areas within a file to come back and review or export as individual images. Additionally, all video recorded with compatible equipment contains a security check sum that can determine whether or not the image has been altered in any way since it was recorded. This is very useful for when evidence is questioned in court.

How Does Your Video Management System Compare?

If you feel like your video management system is not providing you the video security solutions you need for your organization or you are looking to upgrade your existing system, please give us a call at 317-755-0200 or email us to discuss what options you have.


How to choose the right video surveillance system cameras for your town or business:

We are dedicated to educating our clients as much as promoting the best video surveillance cameras. Here are some things to consider when purchasing or upgrading an existing video surveillance system. We can help you determine the best solution for your video surveillance problems. Read more about our process, our solutions, or our services.

We are an authorized value added reseller (VAR) of Avigilon cameras and video management systems in the Indianapolis area. Avigilon cameras and software is unique in that it uses JPEG2000 technology to capture full frames per second instead of the traditional interlaced MPEG4 technology. There is no one else doing what Avigilon is doing. Read more about their video management software.

[one_third]Increased Clarity

Multi-sensor cameras with multiple, ultra-wide lenses can divide up a large area into quadrants and capture a big outdoor or indoor space in clear, sharp detail. The alternative uses a fisheye lens that distorts the scene like a funhouse mirror and uses only part of the camera’s image sensor. Our technologies give you a full view of large spaces, undistorted by lens artifacts.[/one_third]
[one_third]Image Sensor Quality

Today’s surveillance cameras use megapixel and HD image sensors, some consistent with the quality you find in a home video camera. These sensors capture the large amounts of video information necessary to cover large surveillance areas and provide images with fine detail suitable for recognition of faces, license plates, and action.[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Data Compression

Just reducing the size of the image stream isn’t the only consideration. Some compression algorithms introduce artifacts that can destroy image detail. The result can be blocky distortion and distracting halos around objects in the image. To maximize image quality, our systems rely on compression schemes chosen to yield the right image quality for your needs.[/one_third_last]
[one_third]Performance in Low Light

Not everything you want to surveil happens under ideal lighting conditions. The surveillance system you choose must offer you usable image quality even under less-than-perfect lighting. With cameras based around image sensors developed for scientific applications, our surveillance systems offer you sharp image quality through a wide range of lighting conditions.[/one_third]
[one_third]Zoom Quality

Image technologies must enable your surveillance-system operator to zoom in on areas of interest and magnify detail for a closer look. These actions require the ability to enhance image contrast and color to maximize your view of the details you want to assess. Our systems send optimized detail and color to standard computer monitors without losing the whole recording in the background.[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Data Retention

Your surveillance system must be able to capture and store images from every camera in your network. Our systems have high data capacities that automatically regress archived video over time, which maximizes your storage capacity. The result triages your storage effectively, giving you the long view across time without sacrificing the ability to capture what’s going on right now.[/one_third_last]
[one_third]Information Security

Our cameras have no interruptible or accessible functions, defending them against tampering or data interception. Our systems encrypt your data in transit from camera to video recorder, avoiding the prospect of inappropriate access. No one can gain access to monitoring stations without logging in and all logins are added to an audit log file for administrator review.[/one_third]
[one_third]Pixels per Foot

The amount of pixels per foot of video coverage determines your ability to recognize objects. Different applications require different resolutions. Pixels-per-foot creates a common metric that can be used to determine how many and of what type of cameras are needed to effectively monitor a facility with predictable image quality. This can be used in conjunction with the DCRI framework.[/one_third]
[one_third_last]DCRI Framework

This framework is a common language to describe ranges of images levels from detection, classification, recognition, and identification. Detection-level imaging is similar to situational-awareness, whereas classification, recognition, and identification are all increasing levels of describable detail. The highest level of detail should be discerned from the “identification” level.[/one_third_last]

Unsure what surveillance technology you require?

Andrew Group is dedicated to our clients. After learning more about your surveillance needs, we will guide your staff in choosing the right technology for the results you need. Contact us at 317-755-0200 or email us to get started.


If your organization needs a wireless connection to get your camera signals across a parking lot or across town, we have solutions for your needs.

Wireless antennas can extend coverage for miles at an angle of up to 360 degrees and are used to transmit information from video cameras or CCTV encoders. These antennas communicate on a network similar, but different, than Wi-Fi. The primary difference is how they continually switch channels as a built-in security measure.

The wireless signals travel best when there is direct line of sight between antennas so most of the time, the antennas need to be higher than surrounding trees and building. Some organizations have chose to put up a metal tower, but wood utility poles can work just as well. We successfully deployed one antenna up to 55 feet high this way.

Remote Viewing on Your Mobile Device

When used in conjunction with Avigilon Control Center software, video streams can be wirelessly viewed on your mobile device. Just as if you were sitting in front of a traditional workstation, live and recorded surveillance footage can be obtained from your cell phone. This enables users to view video surveillance wherever they are, increasing the usefulness of the video management system.

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We want to educate you about wireless video connectivity terms and technologies so that we can have an open, transparent dialog about the process of installing or upgrading your video surveillance camera system. Call our office at 317-755-0200 or email us to share what wireless video connection problems you are facing.


We have compiled this list of downloads and resources to help you decide on the right video surveillance system:

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