Video Management Systems

Your video management system starts with a central command and recording setup. This technology base includes the video server, network connectivity, backup power supply, mounting hardware, and video control software. These fundamentals must support your initial roster of field cameras and be able to accommodate future system expansion.

Video Control Center Software

We use Avigilon Control Center software, which allows you to zoom and inspect one area of the video feed without losing the larger feed. In other words, the camera can still record the full view regardless of your zoom or ‘work screens’/view screens. Each view screen can also have varying levels of detail because, when used with certain cameras, the camera can increase the level of detail for certain sections of view in real-time. This system can be setup to be viewed locally or on a remote mobile device.

The Best Evidence

Video streams can be viewed real-time or the view can be switched to reviewing past recorded data. All video is actually made up of multiple, still images that can be exported as JPEGs because our systems use JPEG 2000 technology. If you’ve ever seen a 35mm movie reel, you can see each image of the movie as one frame. This is exactly how our technology records images. So instead of one master frame per second with 29 ‘change’ frames, you can get multiple full frame images per second. That is powerful evidence when you need it.

Advanced Control Center Features

Our systems also have features like bookmarking and security check sums. The bookmarking feature allows you to save specific areas within a file to come back and review or export as individual images. Additionally, all video recorded with compatible equipment contains a security check sum that can determine whether or not the image has been altered in any way since it was recorded. This is very useful for when evidence is questioned in court.